The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea here in London, England is an area that revels in it’s own art and fashion uniqueness.

From the spectacular Blues, Greens, Yellows and Pinks of its own iconic Albert Bridge gateway to the vibrant art galleries and seemingly endless designer shoe windows on the world famous King’s Road, every corner of the borough provides an unrivalled display of superior artistic flair.

Now, Five Years in the making, located in the heart of Chelsea, ShoeWarehouse3.com is an imagination stretching platform where Artists & Collaborators come together working on rare global brand shoes to create a unique hidden gallery of hand painted & handcrafted one-off works of art.

SW3 offers the most formidable mind-blowing collection of handcrafted, hand painted shoe-art found anywhere today.

The 3 Levels of the Platform reflect the many aspects of design; style of canvas used, intricacy of art, and time spent creating each individual artwork.

But there’s more…

The Vault is the pinnacle of the SW3 adventure, an unexplored collection of truly one-off artworks; some for the home, others for streetwear, including the elusive SW3 Shoe Bag, all individually handcrafted here in London.

SW3’s specialised inventory has been accumulated over several years of careful collecting ensuring we have styles and silhouettes to cater for all tastes and preferences.

UArtist & Collaborators paint on rare upmarket footwear, including high profile designer brands, with a stock of hundreds increasing daily.

The design & creation artwork process of each unique piece is closely monitored during its journey. From initial receipt at our warehouse and movement to and from the artist, the logistics of each pair is constantly checked and strictly controlled to ensure their ultimate safe delivery in as-new condition.

SW3 has something for everyone, from household name favourites to seldom seen rarities, off the shelf limited releases to individually tailored bespoke one-offs, all handcrafted here in the heart of Chelsea!

We would not exist without the contributions of our network of creatives, and so promoting their artwork here is an essential element of this new space.