With street-art at the heart of our project – street artists are our life-blood. From many diverse areas around the world, each artist’s life experiences contribute to the deeper vision of the project. Nurturing relationships with these gifted individuals, expanding their own potential to help them achieve success with their creations, is the ultimate goal of the platform. Often restricted by circumstances well beyond their control, many gifted artists fail to achieve their own true potential.

The SW3 platform oversees all aspects of the design/production/delivery process, acting as the conduit between humble artist and up market fashion designers, allowing them both to do what they do best. SW3’s media, i.t, logisticsand accounts are all handled in-house to leave our family of imaginative, creative individuals free to apply their magic on an almost limitless range of global brand designs, handcrafting unique, one-off, never-to-be-repeated, wearable fashion-art masterpieces on The Stage.

The SW3 team continues to grow daily, encouraging gifted “outside the box” thinkers to reach their own true potential. With prime stock to work on and ongoing support while perfecting their techniques, committed artists have a genuine, opportunity to achieve their own goals in the world of fashionable-art.