Collaborating with specialist UK artistic brands here in London, each with their own unique style, is an exciting adventure for all involved. By combining the creativity and technical knowhow of leading artists in the field, we have amassed an extended family of footwear fashion specialists…..

The belief and commitment of collaborators on the platform is reflected in the many individual works of art on display. With fresh, groundbreaking ideas, enthusiasm blended with imagination, freedom to work on exclusive global brand footwear, collaborators enter into a whole new world of art spectra on The Stage, presenting their own stunning artworks on usually elusive footwear brands.

SW3 has a vision and a goal and we are eager to attract individuals & brands looking to share both. Worldwide markets previously unavailable or at least limited by sourcing, financial or logistic issues are made accessible through the platform to all individuals with the desire to expand their own abilities.

All artists or artist-driven companies are welcome to explore collaborating with SW3 to share in our purpose and contribute to our growing family of innovative members. Free-thinking own-brand artists collaborating with a unique tailor-made art platform to bring handcrafted client-driven wearable art pieces to a global marketplace is an irresistible success recipe for all involved.