The Wizz

The wizard behind our logistics operations. Calling on his unrivalled professional skills in customer care drawn from over 15 years living and working in the SW3 area of London, the “Wizz” is our quality assurance.  Drawing from his knowledge and know-how gained from interacting with the highest levels of society the Wizz is a stickler for detail, insisting on a hands-on approach to each and every aspect of the SW3 process.

Our shoes are stored in almost laboratory-like conditions from the moment of order to ultimate despatch or more accurately, from artist imagination to client reality nothing is left to chance.  The Wizz first takes personal responsibility for stock logistics, taking great care to identify, seal and package each pair of shoes for transfer to the artist.  After completion, the finished project is transported from the artists back to our holding facility where, with the finesse, dedication of a true expert in his field, he scientifically seals to protect the art, wraps, packages the finished artworks prior to final despatch ensuring the finished article arrives with our client in pristine condition and in a manner befitting any unique work of art.

Unwavering in his commitment to customer care and with an eye for sartorial detail, our very own daddy cool is that genial character everyone loves to meet.  Knowing exactly what it takes to provide customer satisfaction, being a concierge specialists and with an unwavering loyalty to the project, he is that dedicated kinda professional we are proud and grateful to have in our ranks.